There isn’t much to know about me.  I’m just a guy who has known the Lord since I was 8.  I’m no famous teacher or trained pastor even.  Just a sinner who has been saved by Jesus.

My Testimony

At a young age (8 or 9) I met the Lord and fell in love with the Bible.  God was close to me and though I was raised in a challenging environment, I was very blessed by God.

Then sometime in my teens, I encountered pornography for the first time.  I became a slave to it in some form or another for 25 years.  I would stop for a time, but then always fell back.  I still read my Bible and prayed, but things were never quite the same.

However, for some reason God would still use me sometimes and I got a lot of “head knowledge” about the Bible.  I became a proud and self-righteous modern day Pharisee.  I was awful.  I was condescending and condemning, all the while struggling with my own sin.  I was the epitome of hypocrisy.

But sometime in 2001 God finally got me to look at in the mirror he had been constantly holding in front of me.  I have been humbled.  I’ve confessed my sin to those I’ve hurt and I have learned from www.SettingCaptivesFree.com the truths of this sin and how to be free of it.  I am still terribly tempted, but by the grace of God I am no longer a slave to this awful sin.

God has changed me greatly.  I am so much kinder and gentler.  I haven’t seen or met a greater sinner than me in years now.  Forgiveness and tenderness are part of my daily walk now – all for the glory of God.  I was such a hypocrite for so long I have no idea how Jesus had that much patience with me.  I surely cannot run short of patience for others now.  And yet I do.

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