Scriptural Prayer – Praying Through The Word

The links below are to my prayer journals.  I simply am going through the Bible, trusting the Lord will lead me in some small way.  I read a passage, and then pray.  The passages and prayers are then posted on this website for your use as you see fit.  This is a work in progress, please be patient.  Feel free to email your comments to me at .

Note:  Below is the order I prayed.  If you follow that order, my prayers may make more sense.  Or, perhaps not!  The Lord works in mysterious ways, so trust him to lead you, and he will.

Praying Through Matthew

Praying Through Ephesians

Praying Through Hosea

Praying Through John

Praying Through 1 Corinthians

Praying Through James

Praying Through 1 Peter

Praying Through Romans

Feel free to comment.  I need both the inspiration and the correction of other Christians.  Please email me once in a while at .

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  1. Thank you for the great inspiration on how to pray scripture.

    When I click on praying through 1 Peter, I Corinthians shows. Please make a correction


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