What Trials Have Taught Me

  This last year has been the hardest of my life.  I have watched my son struggle with deepest depression to the point of suicide attempts and hospitalization.  Family therapy with a Christian counselor has forced us to deal with hatred and pain I never imagined was possible.  My marriage has nearly ended on more than one occasion, only to be rebuilt again.  But through it all God has been there and molded me as never before.  Never have I been changed so much in so little time.  And in the midst of the pain and complete weakness and struggle, God has used me more than ever.

So now I feel led to write down what I have learned and how I have been changed by this trial.  I think He wants me to write a brief article about each item below.  Pray with me that this is from the Lord, of the Lord, by the Lord, for the Lord’s glory.

What I have learned:

How I have been changed:

Thomas Less 06/13/2010

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