Just Starting – Keep Reading

The Plan

My pastor challenged me to prepare for Christmas better than I ever have before.  I couldn’t think of a better way to do this than to help people who perhaps were either new to the Bible, or struggling to make it meaningful in their lives.  I’ve read the Bible for over 35 years now, so maybe God can use that is some small way to help others.  But I’m NOT a trained theologian or pastor, so I will need a lot of help with this. 

I don’t want this to be a lecture! I really want to make this an online discussion.  It will be a lot better if people take part and interact.  God can and will use everyone involved to help each other, if we are all willing to let him.  Please make comments, ask questions and suggest answers! And if any of you out there are pastors or have also been studying the Bible for a while, etc., please help me out, but lets remember this is geared toward people who are new to the Bible.

I thought we would start, not with reading the Bible, but with learning some things about and how to use it.  I’ve written a “brochure” about this, but is long and a lot to digest at one time.  Instead, I will try to start the discussion by providing some information and guidance as a post on this blog.  I will then try to ask a few questions and hopefully the discussion will take off from there.  Anyone can comment in the comment box below the post.  You can also press the reply button to reply to someone else’s comment.  There is a place for your name and email, but you can leave that blank if you want.  Please don’t be shy.  We need discussion or this  will be very boring.

I will put up a post about every other day – depending on how things go.  Please feel free to comment on any of the posts, not just the latest one. When this preparation is over and it seems we are ready to move on, we will start with the Gospel of Luke.  I’m hoping that will get us to reading the Christmas story right around the last week before Christmas.  If there is interest we will continue through Lent (I’m Catholic, but please, everyone is welcome and this will be non-denominational) and perhaps, God willing, we will be reading about Christ’s death and resurrection in preparation for Easter.

Now lets do this with prayer because without the Holy Spirit guiding us, it will all be useless.  And remember, this is an interactive discussion and we all need each other.

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