Please read this entirely before you read other philosophical posts.

To discuss the philosophy of Christianity we need a frame work.  The first thing we will do is establish who Christianity claims God is and what Christianity claims his goals for humanity are.  The foundational source of this information about Christianity is the Bible.  Now I know some of you are immediately think “I don’t accept that the Bible is true.”  Don’t worry, this discussion doesn’t require that we all assume the Bible is true.  However, if we are discussing whether God and Christianity is reasonable or not, we need to know what the Christian God is and what Christianity is, and the Bible is the source of authority on that.  Let me try to put this in perspective using another example.

(Please Read This Example)  Lets say we are discussing a hot topic like speed limits.  🙂 If the question is “What is the speed limit on a state highway in Ohio?”, then the Ohio revised code is the authoritative source for the answer to the question.  If the question is “Does it make sense to have a 55 mph speed limit on Ohio state highways?”, then the Ohio revised code isn’t authoritative at all.  In other word, if someone said “the speed limit is 55 mph because Ohio law says so”, that would be a true and acceptable statement.  However, if someone says “the best speed limit for Ohio is 55 mph because Ohio law says so”, that would not be true or acceptable.

Our discussion here is similar.  To discuss God and Christianity, we first need to establish what that is and the Bible is the authoritative source on that subject.  However, when we start to discuss whether that is reasonable or not, or how it works or does not work in the what we see int the world around us, no one will be allowed to say “this is true because the Bible says so”.  I hope that all makes sense.


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