• We are all sinners. Every one of us has been imperfect and thus do not deserve to be in the presence of the all-good God. It is really that simple. Even a baby is born with this sin imperfection because we are all created to have unity in heaven, so through that unity we inherit each-other’s sin imperfection here on earth. When we reach the age of reason it is obvious that none of us can claim we have always been perfectly good, which means we have not only never done evil, but have always done every good deed we had the opportunity to do.
  • Jesus Christ was the perfect son of God. God chose to live in unity with man and this unity is expressed completely in Jesus. He was truly God, and truly man. Because he was, and is, God, he is all-good, and therefore completely sinless. 
  • Jesus took all our sins and accepted the punishment for all our sins. He did this not only by dying on the cross but by being separated from his Father while on the cross. Only becasue he was completely sinless and the son of God could this punish be considered sufficient for all of our sins. If Jesus were not all-good, his death and separation would have been for his own sins, and thus could not be for our sins. A murderer on death row cannot die for the murder he committed and the murder of another person on death row. But since Jesus was all-good, his death was not for his own sins, so it can be for our sins.
  • Jesus rose from the dead. Because Jesus is God and all-good, he did not remain dead and eternally separated from God. He paid the price for our sins, and then returned to his rightful place at the right hand of God and one with God.
  • We must choose to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, or pay the penalty for our sins ourselves.We have our free-will. If we choose to believe in (put faith in, depend on, put our hope in, trust in…) Jesus and his death in our place on our cross, we can have his purity (all-goodness). In effect, through faith alone we can have our sins exchanged for his perfection. However, just as someone can refuse to open or accept a birthday gift, no one is forced to accept Jesus death in their place. If you do not acknowledge your guilt and accept Jesus’ death in your place, you must be eternally separated from God because you cannot ever claim to have been eternally and for all time innocent of all evil. No amount of good deeds will ever allow you to claim you have never sinned, yet complete sinlessness is required to be in the presence of God (heaven) and to make heaven, heaven.
  • If we accept his death for our sins, we then also receive his life (resurrection) and unity with God, instead of our eternal death and separation from God. It just follows that if we follow him to his cross, we will follow him to his life.
  • The Bible is the inspired and perfect Word of God.The Bible was penned by humans, but authored by God himself. Think of it as if a translator were told something by God in one language, and wrote it down in their native tongue. The final writing would have with words and slangs and tones of the translator, but the author would still be God. In the case of the Bible, there were about 40 translators who did it over a period of about 1,700 years.  The final result is exactly what you would expect from a book constructed in this fashion.  It is full of all the variations that would be caused by the differences of time and translator.  It also is amazingly consistent in its theme, purpose, and thoughts because behind it all, the author is the same.
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