Purpose :  To logically express my own philosophy and to explain and answer the questions, of christians, atheist and myself, about God and christianity.

I am not a philosophy or church authority and have had no formal training in this area.  I am just a thinking person who wants to explore the logic and philosophy behind what I have chosen to believe.  I do not believe that I can use logical debate to convince someone to give their life to Jesus.   Only the changing of a heart through grace can do that.  However, I do think that what I believe must be logical and understandable.  I am certain this will be quite a journey for me, and I hope and pray I am taking this journey with the Holy Spirit as my guide.

Remember, that my answers to these challenges are designed to show that the philosophy I believe and outline above can reasonably answer the questions.  I am not hoping to explain or prove that the tenets of my Christian philosophy are obviously true.  In other words, I hope to show that Christianity and the Christian God cannot be rejected because it is unreasonable,  illogical or unloving.   I am not attempting to scientifically prove it to be true.  That is another logical discussion completely.  For example: I do not intend in these exercises to explain why I believe there is a God.  I intend to explain why the God I believe in could act, or not act, as I he does in our world.   I hope you can see the difference.  Perhaps I will attempt to discuss the scientific merits of Christianity in another series.

My Basic Christian Beliefs