Your question at first seems reasonable and your assertion correct, but even in our small human lives we don’t do what you are asking God to do. 

Imagine you are man fortunate enough to have a great wife.  You and your wife love each other immensely and are also intensely passionate toward each other.  Your marriage is every person’s dream.  Also imagine you are a father and you have a daughter who is coming into her early teens.  She is an extremely open child and you have a great relationship.  She comes to you, asking about boys and tells you that some older boys are starting to flirt with her. She wants your advice.

Now as a man you know what the boys want.  They want sex.  Some of them may think they want love, but they are too young to have any understanding of true love.  They want sex.  Because you have been blessed to have the marriage you have, you want so much more for your daughter.  You want her to have the most awesome sex life in the world, but you know that only comes in the context of the most awesome love in the world.  You don’t want you daughter to have a cheap imitation of what you have with your wife, you want her to have it all, and even more.

Now, with that as your goal, would you advise your daughter to just go ahead and have sex with everyone who asks her for it?  Can you imagine yourself saying, “Go ahead and be an open book to every man who wants to read you, anytime, anywhere.  Don’t keep anything back.  Just give yourself to all the boys who want you”?  Do you think she does that she will ever know the intense love and passion you and your wife have (in this imaginary story, not your real life marriage)?

Of course not.  You would tell your daughter to guard herself.  You would tell her to play “hard to get”.  You would explain that if someone really loves her, they will seek her, and wait for her.  You will explain that people value more greatly those things they have to work hard to get. 

God does not want a cheap and tawdry relationship with us.  He wants intense love and passion.  The Bible makes it clear that marriage and sex are a great analogy for the love God wants with us.  Why would God not do exactly what the wise father would tell his daughter to do?  You know that it is his only real choice. 

And as far as condemning those who do not pursue God and look for him, does he condemn them, or is he simply giving them what they want?  They are like the suitors who do not want to work and court and pursue the bride.  They are simply left without the bride.  Now in this case, when all is revealed and they see the eternity they have missed, their own emptiness and anguish will provide all the flames and heat hell will ever need.

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