A True Story

There once were two men who both had a lot of land.  In some places their land was very, very close to each other, in other places more distant.  For the sake of storytelling, lets name them Edwin and Alfred.

After a while Edwin decided he really wanted a certain piece of Alfred’s land.  He knew it was a prized piece of land and Alfred would not sell him the land at any price.  So after some thought, Edwin hired 10 men to simple go and take the land.  He gave them weapons and even some training.  He then sent them to take the land from Alfred.  They were not to seek innocent people to kill, but if innocents died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, that was just the way it was.  If they found Alfred there they were free to kill him or anyone who was defending him.  They were to take the land.

The men agreed and set out.  When they reached the spot of land Edwin wanted they discovered Alfred had also hired men to protect his land.  Alfred wasn’t stupid.  He knew Edwin wanted the land and was suspecting something like this for a long time.  Alfred’s men killed all 10 of Edwin’s men without mercy.  Later, historians learned that Edwin knew that Alfred would defend his land.  Edwin also expected all 10 of those men to die but he chose to send them anyway.

Please tell me exactly what you think of both Edwin and Alfred.