I think your question is simply a misunderstanding of what “free-will” is. 

Most of us have played some type of competitive game or sport.  For this example, I’ll use volleyball.  Volleyball has rules that determine how the game is played and how you can win or lose.  If you break the rule, you are penalized in some way.  If you do a good job within the rules, you score points.  But don’t you have a choice whether you want to follow the rules or not?  You could decide instead of hitting the ball over the net, you are going to hit it under.  You would lose the game, but you could make that choice.  The simple fact that there are rules doesn’t take away your freedom, it simply sets out the consequences.

We have exactly the same thing in the “game” of our eternal life.  God made some rules, and he made them very clear.  The rules have consequences just like a sport or game. You clearly have the free-will to choose whether you want to follow the rules or not.  God doesn’t compel anyone to follow his rules.  The fact that God made rules and consequences doesn’t mean you don’t have freedom to choose.  As a matter of fact, if he didn’t make the rules and consequences clear, you could claim he wasn’t just.  But as it is, he has been clear, now we must choose.

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