Becoming closer to God requires that we work at living a life truly led by Jesus.

Lets go back to Alex.  Lets say you met Alex and got to know Alex a little, and you decided you wanted to get to know Alex better.  Would you not do the things Alex enjoyed so you could spend more time with Alex?  Wouldn’t you talk about the things Alex like to talk about?  Why would becoming closer to God be any different?

You can’t earn heaven, but you can live more and more like Jesus wants you to with His help.  We all know we aren’t perfect, and God knows it too.  Jesus told the Pharisees He came to the world for the sinners, not the people who thought they were perfect.  But with Jesus’ help we can do more of the good He wants and less of the evil we want.  Doesn’t it just make sense that this would help us be closer to Him?

Sin separates us from God.  You can’t get closer to someone you separate yourself from.  If Alex didn’t ever use foul language, would Alex want to be around us when we are cussing like a drunken sailor?  And if we are not around Alex, can we get to know Alex better?  Or maybe Alex’s  refusal to be around us when we are cussing teaches us something about Alex so in a way, we are getting to know Alex better, but it is not the ideal way for us to learn.  Wouldn’t God be just like that?

If you made an effort to be just like Alex so you could spend more time with Alex, wouldn’t you learn a lot about how Alex feels and what Alex thinks?  Wouldn’t making this effort, whether you succeeded or failed, teach you a lot about Alex?  Why do we think of God so differently?  We shouldn’t.  God is just a perfect Alex.

  • Have you ever tried to change so you could be closer to someone?
  • Have you ever notices how people who are married a long time start to act, talk, and even look a lot alike?
  • Have you ever watched someone really work at changing so they could be closer to you?  Did you appreciate it or feel their love for you?
  • Do think that God experiences our love when we try to change so we can be closer to Him?