Reading the Bible, is not supposed to be simple or easy all the time.

Lets talk about this for a bit.  Perhaps we all need a shot of humility when we pick up this book.

The Bible was written by the person who holds the universe in existence while he sits in a recliner, with his feet up, sipping a wine so wonderful only he can make it.  Do you really think you should be able to easily understand it? Expect to be confused sometimes! 

Lets bring our friend Alex along with us and try to come up with an analogy that puts God and the Bible in a bit of perspective.  Imagine Alex is smarter than a million Albert Einsteins and has more resources available to him than everyone in the world put together.  Now imagine Alex creates a puzzle that is 3 dimensional, the size of the actual Sears Tower, and it has 10 billion pieces.  All of that falls well short of properly depicting our awesome God and the wonderful Bible He has given us is.  Expect to be confused!

But all hope of putting the puzzle together is not lost.  We have Alex!  Not really of course, we actually have the Holy Spirit, which is so much better than Alex.  The Holy Spirit will guide you.  The Holy Spirit will help you find the pieces to this huge puzzle.  The Holy Spirit will make this relevant to your life.

This whole analogy is not just a lesson about reading the Bible, but about life – and by life, I really mean life from God’s perspective, which is forever.

  • The Bible is so deep and wonderful and difficult, it is beyond our ability comprehend.
  • The life God has in store for us is so deep and wonderful and difficult, it is beyond our ability comprehend.
  • By ourselves, alone, in life and in reading the Bible, we are hopeless…beyond our ability to comprehend.
  • God and his love for us is great… beyond our ability to comprehend.
  • If we admit we are hopeless without Him and utterly depend on Him, God will guide us for all eternity, both in the Bible and in life, on a journey that is wonderful…beyond our ability to comprehend.

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