If you have been following this on line Bible study all this time, I greatly appreciate it.  I think God is calling me to change my focus for a while.  I hope you will continue to follow this new purpose.  If you think I’m making a mistake, let me know.

You see I have a host of people in my life, whom I love dearly, who are atheist.  This has caused me much distress over the last 2 years and caused me to research, pray and study the subject and philosophies.  I’ve found that most of the people that surround me are atheist because they think the Christian God’s actions, words, or character are simply illogical.  I have found it to be exactly the opposite.

Now I am starting to get asked to speak on the subject to small groups and get drawn into an ever expanding circle of people who are hungry to discuss  Christian philosophy.  I started to feel the need to put my thoughts in writing to prepare and now I have a larger idea that I believe is God’s plan for me for a while.

Have you ever read a book that had multiple reading paths based on how you answered questions?  In other words you would read to a certain point, and then the book would pose a question.  If you answered it “A”, you would go to page 47, “B” you would proceed to page 128 and so on.  This process would be repeated over and over.  With Gods help I hope to develop a thread in this blog that works like that and discusses Christian philosophy.

Since we are discussing the logic of Christianity, the Bible will be the source of what Christianity and the Christian God is.  I understand that when speaking with atheist the authority of the Bible is not accepted in most cases, but it is obviously the source of authority on the characteristics and goals of the Christian God.  That doesn’t make the characteristics and goals logical, ethical, moral, or reasonable.  When we establish what Christianity is, we will start to pose questions and arguments about it with choices leading to other pages etc.  I’m hoping the site will not only be thought provoking, but a little fun!

So that is where I think the Lord is leading me, and I can’t do that and the Bible study at the same time.  Please leave me a comment, either of encouragement or warning, and pray for me and this mission.  *obbs*