You keep looking through the pieces handling the same pieces over and over and over.  Every now and again you find a piece that relates to the pieces you have already put together and you place it in the puzzle.  Once in while you’ll be looking at the parts of the puzzle you have put together and you will realize that one of the pieces you saw fits at a particular place.  You can’t immediately find the piece, but you remember it clearly and you know where it goes and the next time you see it you will grab it and immediately put it where it belongs.  Now chances are you handled that piece many times without it having any significance at all, but now, it suddenly is very important and you want to find it and put it where it belongs.

Again, this is just like reading the Bible.  You read verses and phrases and stories over and over and over and it can all be meaningless to you.  But God is putting the seeds of His Word in your mind and heart.  Then a situation will arise in your life, or you will read another story in the Bible, and suddenly that meaningless piece of the Bible puzzle will “fit”.  It will make sense and you will know how and why it was put in the Bible, and more importantly, put into your life.  Again, you will likely think you are getting the puzzle of the Bible put together, but in reality, it is the puzzle of your life and your relationship with God that is taking shape. Beginner’s Online Bible Study *obbs*

Think of a situation in your life where something you told, or endured, or learned, that you thought was meaningless or stupid, suddenly became very important.  What would have you missed if you had not been told, or endured or learned that?  Do we always know what is important in our lives?  Can we trust God to know?