As you find more and more pieces to the puzzle and put them into place, the picture on the puzzle starts to take shape.  You have gone over the pieces so many times you are starting to get to know them really well too.  Suddenly you start putting pieces in faster, and faster, and faster.  Now all the once it seems like every time you touch a piece it means something to you and you at least have an idea where it goes.  The puzzle, the pieces, everything is coming together.  You once thought you would never get the puzzle together, and now the end is in site.

The same thing happens with the Bible.  As you get to know the pieces, they fall into place faster and faster.  As the puzzle comes together you are starting to see God for who He really is and you know Him better and better.  It is easier to see where the verses and phrases and stories of the Bible fit in.  And really, as you see the puzzle come together you are seeing your life come together and you can see where God and the Bible fit into the puzzle of your life.

I’ve been reading the Bible almost every day for over 30 years now.  I can honestly say I am more amazed and thrilled by it now than I ever have been.  I am also amazed at how much I don’t know.  I really think I will spend all eternity putting this puzzle of my life, and God, and the Bible together and it will be a fascinating adventure.  I am sure that God is so awesome and His Word is so meaningful that I will never run out of pieces to add to the puzzle.  As a matter of fact, I already can see that what I thought was the outer frame of the puzzle, is really just an inner core and pieces are starting to fit around the edges making the puzzle grow and grow and grow.  I know most of that growth is my growing acceptance of Jesus’ love in my life.  I hope and pray a little of that growth is my growing love for Him.

Keep reading and studying the Bible.  It is an eternal journey, or maybe a better word is adventure.  God will reward and honor Your perseverance.  Beginner’s Online Bible Study *obbs*

Has God ever opened your mind or heart to something or someone after a long period of wondering?  How do you think the “wondering” was preparing you for the sudden change?