We have gone through 7 chapters of Matthew now, and I need to know what you like and dislike, or what you want more or less of.  I have tried several different styles of study and I cannot tell which, if any, the majority of you like or find helpful.  I greatly appreciate the feedback left by some of you.  You have been so faithful and helpful.  I would like to get more people involved.  Help me figure out how to do that.

There have been several passages where I have simply shared the prayer that passage led me to, and nothing more.  Some of these prayers have been very personal.

There have been passages where I tried to explain some things in the passage or point out key thoughts.

Several times I asked questions, hoping to inspire some conversation.

Please, let me know what you want more of.  Guide me a little.  All you have to do is type your comments in the “Reply” box below.  If you want to add your comments to the comments of another, you press the reply button underneath that person’s comments.