I think I would have created man.  I have often heard the argument that a God so powerful he could create the entire universe would have no use for such a miniscule being as man.  I believe that supposition gravely underestimates God’s plan for man kind.

First, I don’t think the value of a relationship with another human is in what the person can create of give on a material level.  We cannot create the universe and God can.  So in that respect we can offer him nothing.  But the greatest and most valuable relationships in our lives are molded through shared emotions.  In this respect, humans are capable of extreme joy, and extreme sorrow, and everything in between.  If God is looking to share the emotions of existence with someone, he has created and incredibly capable companion in human beings.

I also think God has destined us to an eternity of incredible unity as stated in God’s Goals Or Purposes For Humanity .  If that is true, then we must consider what that relationship has to offer as a whole of humanity, not me personally.  If someday we are unified so closely that we all experience each other’s joys of heaven with the perspective of each other’s sorrows in this life, the range of emotion as a group is completely incomprehensible.

In summary, I think God deeply values the sharing of our individual life’s emotions and we as individuals are capable of an incredible range of emotion.  Now couple that with extreme unity between each other and with God and the synergy of the group offers a richness of experience we can vaguely hope to appreciate.

Original Question: If I Were God I: Would or Would Not Have Created Man
Negative View:  If I Were God I: Would NOT Have Created Humans
Positive View:  If I Wer God I: Would Have Created Humans

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