We are assuming if you are reading this you have already read the discussions about whether a all-powerful, all-knowing God would have created humans or not.  Now lets ask the next question:  What does that discussion really prove?

It would seem to me that the argument that it is illogical for the Christian God to have created humans is so weak, that it proves nothing.  Our existence doesn’t prove a creator was needy or weak.  The simple fact we exist doesn’t contradict any of his characteristics.  I even think the argument that our creation is perfectly logical is very strong, but I will concede that it does not, alone, prove that the Christian God exist.

What do y9u think?

Original Question: If I Were God I: Would or Would Not Have Created Man
Negative View:  If I Were God I: Would NOT Have Created Humans
Positive View:  If I Wer God I: Would Have Created Humans

What Do You Think: Does The Fact That We Exist Prove The Christian God Is Illogical