Isaiah 17:6-10

6Only a few of its people will be left,
like stray olives left on a tree after the harvest.
Only two or three remain in the highest branches,
four or five scattered here and there on the limbs,”
declares the Lord, the God of Israel.
7Then at last the people will look to their Creator
and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.
8They will no longer look to their idols for help
or worship what their own hands have made.
They will never again bow down to their Asherah poles
or worship at the pagan shrines they have built.
9Their largest cities will be like a deserted forest,
like the land the Hivites and Amorites abandoned
when the Israelites came here so long ago.
It will be utterly desolate.
10Why? Because you have turned from the God who can save you.
You have forgotten the Rock who can hide you.
Your words frighten me Lord, as well they should.  How much time do I spend chasing after money and sales and respect?  It is all a chase after wind.  I have gradually left You.  I spend less and less time with You.  I am worshiping at the wrong alter.  Will you destroy me to bring me home?  Is that really destruction at all?  Gold is not destroyed, it is purified when we use heat to burn away all that isn’t pure.  If I am headed for the furnace, let it be Your furnace God.  Falling into your hands for discipline is a blessing.