If I were God I WOULD have created a being that could end up in hell, because without that, Heaven would be impossible.

It really is that simple for me.  We discussed what in the post God’s Goals or Purposes For Humanity we described heaven and spent some time thinking about the type of relationship God wants us to ultimately have with him.  As a short re-cap, I believe that real love and real relationships have to be built on mutual choice.  Robots cannot truly love or be loved.  God did not create us to be robots and to love him regardless.  We have a choice because heaven cannot be heaven if we don’t have a choice.

Now the logical response is “But couldn’t God have just had everyone who didn’t choose to be in a relationship with him simply cease to exist?  He didn’t have to create a place of perpetual misery and torture.”

I strongly disagree.  God wants to have a “heavenly” relationship with as many of us as possible.  Fear is one of the greatest motivators.  No one will have the heavenly relationship with God because they are afraid of hell.  But some people will start their search for God because they have a fear of hell in the back of their mind.  We are all EXTREMELY valuable to God and he doesn’t want to lose a single one of us.  If the alternative to not having a relationship with God is simply ceasing to exist, some people will decide that isn’t so bad.  However, if the alternative is hell, or even might be hell, some will at least make that decision with great care.

If I Were God I: Would / Woudn’t Have Create A Being Who May Spend Eternity In “Hell”.