I posed the question on yahoo answers and this is the best atheist answer I got.  I think someone out there can surely do better than this.  I’m a Christian and I can do better than this.

If God knows what choice we are going to make, do we actually have a choice?

If God cannot create a loving robot, does that deny him omnipotence?

Does God create some of humanity’s biggest evils (Hitler etc.) in full knowledge of the atrocities they will commit?

If a baby dies, does God know whether to place it in heaven or hell based on what choices the baby WOULD have made? If so, the baby never really had a choice in the first place.

Basically, I’ve come to believe that either God isn’t omnipotent, or doesn’t exist.

If I Were God I: Would / Woudn’t Have Create A Being Who May Spend Eternity In “Hell”.