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I do not feel that it is my duty or even in my best self interest to post or talk about opposing religious views but I was pointed to this page by a friend. Reasons to believe in religion, the story behind it, and the ‘evidence’ for it are much more intriguing and submersive that the reasons and evidence against it and for this reason it is very difficult to changes ones beliefs on the topic at the developed age, even if a person were to desire to “see both sides of the story”. I also think that religion is very important for many peoples live and is immeasurably important to society as a whole despite my personal beliefs that no God exists. For this reason I will not go on and on about why I believe the New Testament is a lie but only let the facts to likely let you discard as false without giving a second thought about it or thinking about it from a non believers perspective (how can someone search for the truth about god when loving and living your life ‘through’ him has been your life goal? It’d be like me researching weather or not the big Red Machine was the best team in baseball history, I’ll always land on the same side of the fence).

I was raise catholic and attend a catholic college where this past year I took a scripture class. This is what I pulled from it when discussing the new testament.

The books were written: Matthew: c. 50 to 70s Mark: c. 50s to 60s Luke: c. 59 to 63, or 70s to 80s John: c. 85 to near 100, or 50s to 70

0 of the authors of the Gospels are thought to be eye witnesses of anything Jesus did.

Matthew uses about 85% from the Gospel of Mark Luke uses about 65% from the Gospel of Mark about 95% of the Gospel of John is not in any of the other 3 Gospels

Mathew and Mark both draw from a source “Q” supposedly. Which is an anonymous source that can not be justified as reliable in any way.

I do not have this stat in my notes but it was taught to us by our scripture professor that christianity was a dieing religion. Jesus was an Outkast to his own religion (Judaism) and most of his generation was now dead. It is thought that between 20-40 Christians existed in the world by the time that the Gospels were written. They were very desperate pieces of writing.

Also, I did not read your full post but skimmed it and the part about “Lies are told for personal gain, but the authors were destroyed by their writing.” The authors were destroyed by it? They are 4 of the most popular names/people in the entire world. Everyone has a desire to be remembered long after their death and its what some people live their entire life for. They were the 40-50AD Jobs, Zuckerberg, or Gates. Not always loved, but the writers of the gospels will be remembered even longer than the fame today. That’s a lot to die for, when in reality, not a lot was back then.

Also the part about if the writers were making it up they wouldn’t have made it so hard and complicating. I think we can all agree the bible leaves some loose ends. It can sometimes even be like a ball of strings all tangled together. Whats easier to untangle; 4 strands, or 400? In being so complex the bible gains a lot of interest and also a lot of unintended answers to questions maybe not even considered at the time.

It just doesn’t add up to me.

Live the Life you Love

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