This is one just one post that is part of a point by point discussion regarding whether the New Testament writers were lying or not.  Each point being its own post.  All the points that I’ve published so far are found in this post: Are The New Testament Writers Lying? :  A Point By Point Discussion.  This is an ongoing discussion, so please be patient and com back often

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Point 8: If the authors were just making up the words of Jesus, they would have had him say things that solved their immediate problems.

So if you think the New Testament  is a big lie, then all the quotes from Jesus are just fabricated by the authors.  In that case, obviously the authors have no problem putting words in the mouth of Jesus.  Yet, when writing letters to both churches and individuals, the authors refrain from say things like “do this because Jesus said ….”  It simply doesn’t happen.  The authors struggle with serious problems, failures, complex situations without pulling the “Jesus said” card.  Liars would use such authority to get their way.  These men even go out of the way at times to say “this is my opinion, but Jesus has said nothing about this”.  Not typical liar behavior.

Robin Harrison did not address this point.

I wrote a post explaining why I believe the New Testament is NOT a lie. I received 2 thoughtful responses from Thomas Muhr and Robin Harrison. Thomas’ response was shorter and more general, but very good. Robin’s response is a point by point essay. I believe each point and his comments are worth considerable discussion and decided to make each point its own post by merging the two papers and adding my comments. Additional comments by Robin or anyone else is encouraged. Links to all related discussions are in the discussion center post below.

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